Reader Revelations

As you read the stories of how God has revealed Himself in the various experiences of my life, I’m certain you’ll be reminded of similar divine messages and revelations in your own life. I’d love to hear from you about those experiences.


I am starting a second book that will be about God’s grace thru a relationship with Jesus Christ. The first book told of my encounters with God but the second book will be about God’s grace realized in the troubled lives of others.

I suspect almost all of the stories will have to use fictitious names to protect the individuals because I want to get some very compelling examples of God’s grace. For example, I have spoken to someone who had impulses as a youth to hurt other children. I also have spoken to a man who was a serial adulterer but his wife never found out and he doesn’t want to hurt her now by telling her because the Lord saved him from those impulses and he has a wonderful restored marriage.


Initially, I would need a brief outline of the story – bullet points on how you ended up in the situation, how your faith blossomed and what happened subsequently. Emphasizing the extent of struggle and desperation and the impact of God’s grace would be wonderful. Recalling particularly emotional moments would add to the impact of the story. The outline will provide enough insight to be able to formulate questions to ask on a conference call with me and my editor. We will draft the story from a third person perspective. Contributors will have a chance to review the draft and make suggested changes as they deem appropriate.

If you’d like your story to be considered, send the outline in a WORD document file of no more than 1000 words to

I look forward to reading about how God’s presence and guidance has been revealed in your life.

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