Prayer Requests


Pray For Debbie

A reader named Debbie is facing several family crises and needs prayer for assistance in resolving issues and regaining her own ability to cope with the problems.

Pray for Sue

Please pray for Sue who was vibrant and successful throughout her career but in retirement is facing serous bouts of depression.

Pray for Andrea

Prayers are requested for Andrea who has battled numerous ailments over the past 3 years and only recently was diagnosed with cancer in several vital organs.

Pray for Emily

Please pray for my friend Emily and her son Jacob (9 year-old) who has been diagnosed with bi-polar syndrome and depression.


Pray for Stanley

Please pray for Stanley Perrone age 56 recently diagnosed with brain cancer found to be inoperable. He and his family need prayers for God’s healing and comfort.

Pray for Joe


Joe is the nephew of a close friend who was seriously injured in an auto accident several weeks ago. He suffered extensive head and neck injuries and was not expected to live through the night or ever walk again. He remains under constant care but is walking and recovering slowly. Prayers of thanksgiving for his progress and for continuing recovery.

Pray for Nicole


Nicole is the daughter of a visitor to the website. She is still recovering from a serious auto accident over 1 year ago. She continues to need surgery and there are issues with her insurance coverage. Her limited mobility and the stress of the financial burden is causing depression. Pray for her successful recovery and for God to open doors to provide for the financial need.

Pray for Shirley


A visitor to the website who is estranged from her family, depressed and having thoughts of suicide. Pray for God to embrace her with His loving presence and for her relief from the agony of depression.

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