About This Site

Every life is a unique journey, but it is a journey we do not make alone. God is revealing Himself and sending messages all along the way. This website is designed to share stories of how God has revealed Himself to me along my life’s journey.

More importantly, however, it is my hope that by reading my stories, as well as those shared by others, that you will recall episodes in your own life when God has revealed Himself and sent important life-altering messages to you. With the recollection of these experiences, I’m confident you will become equally convinced of God’s presence in our daily lives, and more attuned to such experiences in the future.

While I do not claim as some to have heard God’s literal voice, through my life’s experiences God has revealed Himself to me loud and clear. In many cases His voice was perceived in the moment; in others it was years later before I recognized the message I had overlooked.

Ironically, my most recent encounter with God has been the very exercise of creating this website. As I have taken the time to ponder and write about experiences and events which have defined my own spiritual development, God has confirmed His presence to me in a powerful way. Through this process of documenting my life experiences my heart has been totally receptive to God’s revelation.

But this time I didn’t repeat my earlier mistakes — this time I listened; this time I heard.

The clear message relayed was that by documenting my own experiences, honestly admitting the times I have missed God’s message simply because I wasn’t listening, that others might see God’s hand more clearly in their own lives.

After reading about some of my experiences, my prayer is that you will recall and discern earlier divine messages in your own encounters with God, and that in the future you will listen more intently and recognize God’s presence in your life.

I will be posting a series of personal stories to this website. Most of these essays will be appear in three or four segments, posted at the rate of two segments per week. When the final segment of a story has been posted, the complete story will be moved to the permanent archives so you can revisit them at any time.

Each story will be archived under one of the following six subcategories:

God revealed….
• in our spiritual growth,
• through our relationships,
• at the crossroads in our lives,
• according to His timing,
• in our struggles,
• in our joy.

In addition to following these serialized stories, I hope that you will add similar stories from your own life in your posted comments. And if you wish to share a more complete account, please consider submitting your story in its entirety by sending it to info@godrevealed.com. I will regularly read these submissions and select a story to be highlighted as a featured story on the main page. If selected it will then be posted in the Reader Revelations archives. For more information see the Reader Revelations tab of this website.

May you be richly blessed as God reveals himself to you through your life experiences and encounters with Him.

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