2 Corinthians – An Introduction

Second Corinthians is considered by many to be Paul’s most personal letter in which he not only demonstrates great oratorical persuasiveness but also transparently reveals his own struggles and vulnerabilities. At times he conveys the feelings of an apostle who feels misunderstood and even feels rejected by some of his fellow Christians. He vigorously defends his apostleship and his message.

By making himself vulnerable in this letter, he is conveying important principles of Christian living to his leaders and followers in Corinth as well as to all future church communities. Understanding the issues faced by one of the most effective ministers of all time should be reassuring to all of us regardless of our own place within the body of Christ.

It is important for us to study this letter because it is one of the most practical of Paul’s letters that addresses a multitude of issues that not only existed in Corinth but can create divisiveness in churches today. The letter’s focus is on the following topics under the New Covenant ushered in by Christ’s life, crucifixion and resurrection.

  • Unity in the church among congregants and with their leaders
  • The importance of humbly forgiving one another
  • God’s plan for his people to give to others in need
  • The source of the authority of our leaders.

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